Feb 7, 2012

UK Journalist raped by Libyan rebels in Benghazi - Libyan Liberation Frontline News [07.02.2012.]

Update 10.March 2012.

The Algerian agency ISP has confirmed today in an official dispatch the authenticity of the video that shows the savage rape of a Western journalist by rebel soldiers in Libya. AD was the only Spanish in the news despite strong pressure being to prevent their publication. 
The Algerian agency notes that the images were transmitted from the communication center of Darna (Pro CNT), and anticipates that the perpetrators of the rape and murder of journalist battalion belonging to the rebels “Himayat Benghazi.”
The Information center Darna (port city in eastern Libya) has filed a complaint and discloses the French origin of the victim. 
Algerian sources also surprised the Gallic indifference of the authorities to this case, and would even suggest the existence of factors related to the election campaign that live France. In this sense, the traditional parties of the neighboring. 
Republic have agreed not to cover the news for not benefit electorally the party identity of Marine Le Pen. 
France was one of the main actors in the war that brought down and murder of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
After AD broadcasting, video of the wild rape has now become one of the most visited social networks in France. [http://patdollard.com/2012/03/obama-supported-libyan-rebels-rape-murder-french-journalist-story-ignored-by-msm/]

To whom it may concern
A raping crime happened in Benghazi Libya by the rebels who were supported by US and NATO
the crime shows a rap against western journalist
Please take an action to verify who did that.
 Sorry about the disturbing images but the truth and justice must be fulfilled
One of monsters
Video is here 
Western Journalist being Rape By Rebels Of Benghazi. This is The Meaning Of The NATO Intervention On Libya! This is The  Values Of  NATO backed Libyan Rebels! This Is The Reality of  Women in Libya now
 It's Time to STOP THEM! Demand Responsabilities To Human Rights Watch ( That still Hide This events By Rebels Of Misrata and Benghazi) and for The Sponsors Of Libyan Criminal Intervention: France, UK, U.S [F-Se!]
This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech. ..and we will delete this ugly ugly truth, but it will be on our HDD

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [06./07.02.2012.]

(1) A group of eleven foreign fighters, putting pressure on the Green Army in the western mountains Ubari and south of the country fell into an ambush prepared by the Green Army. They survived for a long time fighter jets chased after managed to knock one of them, he fell into the sea on the border with Tunisia, the enemy fighters fled to the north of Israel. The fighters flew at very high speeds, so it is difficult to identify. We suspect that this is a French aircraft, or Israeli origin, the two nations besides the U.S. and the UK have the largest number of fighter pilots and mercenaries in Africa. It is often difficult to establish the identity of mercenaries, as they fight for money. The UN has never come to claim the dead body of mercenaries, adventurers, and all they have.

Feb 6, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Misrata brigades launched an attack on Janzour refugee camp

Update 08.02.2012.
Gunmen kill seven at Tripoli refugee camp - YouTube - Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish - on Feb 6, 2012
[AJE make "private" their video report] -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1wDL0HdDRE
Report from Janzur by zaqura 001

Update 07.02.2012.

"Men from Misrata came to the camp at 10 o'clock. We knew they were from Misrata because it was written all over their cars. Around 15 of them started shooting us. " camp resident Huda Bel-Eid said at Tripoli Medical Hospital.

You fixed IT! Obama, Clinton, Sarkozy, Cameron, Rice, UN, General Assembly  &Co.  NOW IS BETTER !?!

Feb 5, 2012


This is a story of detention and torturing of 5 Tawergha youths by Misurata militiamen, when one of them died after being subjected to the torture!

The date of their arrest was 31.12.2011. in seventh district, in Sirte. They got arrested by militiamen of "Battalion 1973" and then handed over to the security committee in Sirte.

They were detained for two days in Sirte, and on the third day 03.01.2012 , the officials from local security committee handed over the detainees to unknown persons, after a phone call between them. Those unidentified persons came to the place of detention, at the former military police station at the seventh district (Alsabaa area), with 4 cars and had transfered the detainees. Because the detainees were in the rear of a car, they could see that the destination was Misurata, where the detention continued up untill 16/01/2012 in area of Alkararem.

"Libya opens trial of 41 Kadhafi loyalists" [AFP]

"All conditions exist to guarantee that the accused get justice," Yusuf al-Asifar told AFP.
Libyan officials insist the country's judiciary is "competent" to handle the legal cases of former regime members, including putting on trial Kadhafi's most prominent son, Seif al-Islam.
Let's see... how  NTC gangs "competently" torture Libyans

Feb 4, 2012

WHY THIS VIDEO HAVE 955 VIEWS? Libya, Zliten 8/9 August 2011.

Rape of Libya: Mass funeral in Libya #NATO rebels show no remorse for slaughtered children [09.08.2011.] 
THE lifeless body of a small girl was held up for the cameras yesterday as a morgue attendant shouted: "Is this a soldier?" 
Arwa Atir Juwaidi, 2, was one of scores of people killed in what the Libyan government said was a series of NATO airstrikes close to the frontline town of Zlitan, southeast of Tripoli.
The alliance said it had no evidence of civilian casualties in the attacks overnight on Monday against what it described as a military staging area for forces loyal to dictator Muammar Gaddafi. An official said military casualties were "very likely".
In a war in which information and perception play as important a role as tanks and jets, the images of wooden coffins on the shoulders of grieving men will make uncomfortable viewing in London and Paris. "Our God is Allah. Praise the martyrs for Libya," the men shouted, as some fired their guns into the air at a ceremony in front of a prayer hall in the tiny town of Majar, 10km south of Zlitan.  
read more-> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/08/rape-of-libya-mass-funeral-in-libya.html

Report Libya 04. February 2012.

Update 05. Feb. 2012. G A D D A F I printed on back [@nit2am ]
nit2am Worth every penny. #Libya #VivaGaddafi yfrog.com/oepoxmlj
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Dont forget to read more news on page 
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 04.  February  2012. http://libyasos.blogspot.com/p/news.html
24h/ The celebration of birthday of Prophet Mohammad in Bani Walid [yesterday]-  the security and safety the city

How to use kids in propaganda

Photos on left side you can see everywhere in mass "media" photos on left side ...Libya S.O.S
…any form of communication in support of national objectives designed to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior of any group in order to benefit the sponsor, either directly or indirectly.[ Oxford Dictionary of the US Military]
War propaganda : Nazis vs Mass western propaganda in Libya
 Propaganda designers have been putting messages into television commercials, news programs, magazine ads, and other things we read and see for years. These messages have been carefully designed to influence our opinions, emotions, attitudes and behavior. Their purpose is to persuade us to believe in something or to do something that we would not normally believe or do. These messages have been designed to benefit someone, and that someone may not be you!

Feb 3, 2012

Report Libya 03. February 2012.

24h/ Green resistance on #Libya streets tonight 3-2-2011 Video

23h/ Crusaders are in Libya -  Libyan Rebels Guarding France War Spoil

Two French warships arrived at Tripoli's port carrying navy crewmen who will "train" the Libyan navy guard oil ports, a Libyan (CNT TNC) defense ministry official said.

Libya news [backup libyasos] 20. January - 29. January 2012.

We have reported Libya detentions and Tortures for Months..Mass media called it lies. Now suddenly its all true...NATO forces want to occupy Libya now officially.. So we will hear alot of Sudden UN admissions of NTC war crimes
Mutassim Al Billah Al Gaddafi with children of Sirte 2011

How "Freedom" Came to Libya

How Protest Became War

How the Rebels Gave Africa the Boot

Feb 2, 2012

Massacre of EL-HAMEDI Family, Libya 2011, NATO humanitarian intervention

How NATO Spok about Target a Saif Al Islam close friend [Khaled El-Hamedi]
"no indication of civilian casualties in connection with these strikes."

How NATO Spok about Target a Saif Al Islam close friend [Khaled El-Hamedi]
"no indication of civilian casualties in connection with these strikes."

And we all remember the media insinuations (Of all western Journalists, and all tweets of that western Riox-Journalists and Rebels-twitters Tweets] that Saif was lying and fabricating lies, and this Family Assassination was one more of the Saif Lies! Nobody believed in the Pregnat women and her 3 children bombed by NATO. "NO CASUALITIES" was the Official Truth! [1]
"We [NATO] are not properly informing [Libyan] public opinion which can't compete with Col Gaddafi's daily media propaganda and Nato needs to think about that." Mr Frattini said

SORMAN MASACRE by OTAN - heart is broken
[1] F-Se! The Tragic Story Of a Young Man: Khaled El-Khweldi El-Hamedi, Just because he Is friend Of Saif Al Islam. 

DUEL- Lizzie Phelan against NYT over Libya

by Lizzie Phelan
Links posted by LibyaS.O.S. [Links are not in original article of Lizzie Phelan]
Earlier today I was video interviewed over Skype by New York Times journalist Robert Mackey about my coverage of events in Libya and Syria and my criticisms of the mainstream western and GCC media in relation to events in those countries.

This was my first interview by a mainstream western media organisation and I have been told that the video will be published in full tomorrow.

Prior to the interview I was sent three questions outlining the general topics that would be covered in the interview. In some ways the interview veered away from these topics and so here I will publish the questions that were outlined prior to the interview and publish my full answers to them, just because I feel like it is important that full responses are given to these questions in particular, and while I made most of these points in the interview, there are some points that I omitted.

Jan 31, 2012

There is no Sirte any more

"Let me correct what you just have said in here... Sirt is not been destroyed, it is been erased human wise and construction wise. There is no Sirt any more. I am trying so hard to explain to people what has happen there, no matter how much i speak or write, i can never give % 5 from what really has happened in real life. I lived it there day by day. I wish that I have died and not lived with all sort of bad pictures and thoughts in my mind." 
Heroic Town Sirte in October 2011.
Reflections of a survivor from Sirte. 
Name is not published for security reasons and the text is completely unedited. 

"I have lost faith in life after what has been done to the people of Sirt who were killed in masses with no mercy. I was in Sirt for 58 days, no food, no life, shooting from every corner, couldn't count the number of the dead people and couldn't help to put them into their graves. Bullets were falling on us like the drops of heavy rain from every direction. This not to forget the NATO missiles and explosions that never stopped, which killed and destroyed whoever and whatever came in its way.

Jan 30, 2012

Libya to review its ambassadors abroad

Libya reviews its ambassadors abroad. "An official" at the Libyan Foreign Ministry said " The [the unelected] government reassess its ambassadors around the world and their ties to the late leader Muammar Gaddafi. "
The news agency "Reuters" quoted the official, who requested anonymity : "There is a plan to re-evaluate the embassies and there is a list of new ambassadors and embassy workers."

A lot of ambassadors who defected after the outbreak of armed conflict between the regime and opposition supporters, have continued to hold office under the new leadership. "The official" continued: "These are the ones who would be re-evaluated for their positions," he said, adding that the ambassadors in some countries have resigned in anticipation of this move.

Source: Arabic RT http://arabic.rt.com/news_all_news/news/577308/

Report Libya 30. January 2012.

24h/ BANI WALID – URGENT - Night police cars "so-called national security" are deployed  in Bani Walid, more specifically in central market, apparently in accordance with the statement by the NTC's Ministry of the Interior.
Night police cars "so-called national security"   in Bani Walid
 Police Mission officially starts tomorrow Tuesday, 1-2-2012 and the NTC's Ministry of the Interior also made clear that the task of the police and the 40 policemen are maintaining the security and stability of the city.It is said that these procedures were approved by the elders and notables under certain conditions, and when these patrols leave, a number of five Cars will stay for police station in Bani Walid

Jan 28, 2012

Who is Idris of Libya? Who is Gaddafi?

King Idris, leader of the Sanusi, and his British handlers

 His full name was Sidi Muhammad Idris Al-Mahdi As-sanusi (1889-1983). The first and only king of Libya, he reigned as Idris I from 1950 to 1969. Hisconservatism finally brought about his overthrow in a military coup under the direction of the controversial leader, Muammar al-Qaddafi.

Libya's future king was born on March 13, 1890, in Jaghbub, an oasis in the eastern province of Cyrenaica. At the time, Libya was part of the Ottoman Empire. Idris I died in exile in Cairo, Egypt, in 1983.

Jan 27, 2012

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [26.01.2012.]

(1) The Libyan green army has been operational in the Eastern front, gaining 11% territory in the past one week, 1217 rebels have been eliminated in the Eastern front around Derna to Benghazi, mainly from the radical international jihadists movement.

(2) In the Western front, green army pushed rebels further into the sea, capturing two major import and exporty ports.

(3) In major military operations around Misrata at the coast of Libya, green army found bodies of 17 Somali immigrants at the coast of Misrata, cause of death remain to be established, an investigation was not immediately carried since it was a heavy fighting zone.

Jan 26, 2012

Report Libya 26.January 2012.

24h/ Ms. Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in its report to the Security Council about the human rights situation in Libya .Charges against NATO forces on the killing of civilians during operations of NATO forces in Libya are being investigated by an independent international commission in 25 of the month of January / January 2011 by the Human Rights Council at the United Nations.

Libya news [backup libyasos] 09. January - 19. January 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 19.  January  2012.
****MY LIFE WITH GADDAFI FAMILY. How like Gaddfi's familly life
Miodrag Djordjevic was Gaddafi's personal cook for 20 years. ->http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-life-with-gaddafi-family.html
Gaddafi's Achievements in Libya! (1969-2011)
"We shall remember Gaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr. They assassinated him. It is another outrage." - Hugo Chavez
 "If he resists and does not yield to their demands, he will enter history as one of the great figures of the Arab nations." - Fidel Castro 

Jan 25, 2012

Libya: Save Dr Abuzaid Omar Dorda

Save Dr. Dorda

update 25.01.2012.

" I have just received a mail from of Abuzed Dorda's son, the former representative of the Libya to the United Nations who supported Gaddafi to the end and that is since tortured and detained by the rebels.
Here is the message sent by his son who is a friend: "it seems that my father was captured by militia last night at the hospital." He is still in a critical situation and should not leave the hospital to preserve his health. Certain persons responsible for the torture and who were watching the hospital are part of the kidnappers. Given the physical condition of my father, I do not think that he will survive long in the hands of terrorists. I need you to pass this information to as many people possible. "The more people know, the more the terrorists are afraid of possible returns (reactions).

(+18) Report Libya 25. January 2012.

by Libya S.O.S.
00h/ #Libya #Shocking #News #Photo -man was found dead and tortured by the road near the dumping site, member of Abu Salim battalion found him. It is obvious that he was tortured, burned and bruised. NTC gangs are cruel, and civilians are afraid of them

24h/ SABHA - An hour ago there was sniper shooting in Sabha, one #NATO mercenary was wounded and was taken to the hospital
23h/ #TRIPOLI ( #Reuters ) - #Libya recognized a tribal-based local government in the Bani Walid on Wednesday, illustrating the power of tribal leaders over the fragile interim government.Fighters from the Warfallah tribe -- the dominant tribe in Bani Walid and the most populous in Libya -- drove out a pro-government militia from the town this week.
A tribal-based local government in the Bani Walid 
Salah al-Maayuf, a member of the Warfallah Elders Council in Bani Walid, said his tribal body appointed a new local council on Tuesday and that Defense Minister Osama al-Juwali recognized the body during all-day talks on Wednesday.
22h/ Rishvana raising a green flag
Rishvana raising a green flag

Jan 24, 2012

Report Libya: NTC doesn't control the situation in Libya! [24.01.2012.]

#Libya -Urgent and very serious- I hope to post on all the Liberal News

-------------------------------------------------- ----
Government of Keeb has held several meetings and consultations with the officials of the #Google company.
The purpose of these meetings is the establishment of aspiring "e-government in Libya".
(Unofficialy they plan to erase archives about martyr Muammar Gaddafi)
 To all of you, if you have a Hard Disk, it is necessary to download any data, videos etc you come across and which might be of relevance to the future generations.

By Libya S.O.S
It is not fair that all the western media is reporting only about Bani Walid, like there are no fights and uprising in other regions. 
It seems that press is orchestrated and wants to divert attention from the happenings in Benghazi and Tripoli on purpose. 
But the problem is (about which Bani Walid elders are also worried about), that all the pressure is on Bani Walid, and NATO mercenaries and planes are headed for Walid, even talking about new bombing. What is their purpose we dont know, but hopefuly they will not make a siege of Walid again. 
The uprising is NOT LOCAL, its happening all around Libya and that's why there should not be any spacegoats.

00/ Arabiya correspondent: Gaddafi supporters succeed in controlling Bani Walid. In the mean time things are very serious in some cities, such as Tripoli, especially in the parts Saladin,Abu Salim, Eastern Plateau,Tarhunah. [Nessbook]
00h/ Shooting in Benghazi:
Since the rebels in Benghazi: OmarAmer AlBarghathi Second night of gun shots here in Benghazi. feels like a full blown war on the street next to mine .. the National Army for firing back at Gates
Could hear explosions and shootings in the neighborhood Sulmani As in Benghazi, ambulances heading for the place
TRIPOLI: (Agenzia Fides) - "Explosions and gun shots near the Mahara Hotel are reported, near the headquarters of the Military Commission of Tripoli": this is what local sources, contacted by Fides in the Libyan capital report. Our sources recall that since Friday there are 20 shootings in Tripoli [ We are all Muammar Gaddafi ]

Jan 23, 2012

Algeria: Help us identifying this person — نطلب منكم نشر الصور

Following an accident, a young person aged 27 years ended up with amnesia. Currently in hospital Mustapha Basha – Algiers from 04-Dec-2011 … We are asked to help him just by helping to identify and / or reunited with his family or close … BARAK FIKOM ALLAH …
A NUMBER OF SUCH IS available to us: 0772702751 …


Government of occupied Libya agreeing to the presence of the forces belonging to 14 different nationalities in the country under the umbrella of the training, assistance and advice .

A document which was approved by the Government of occupied Libya was exposed, which shows the agrement on the presence of forces from 14 foreign countries on Libyan territory on a temporary basis. Secret document about long-term agreements is pending and is prepared for the period after the elections.

6000 US TROOPS have come to Mitiga Air Base [TeleSUR]

6000 USA Mercenaries have come to Mitiga Air Base 10km of Tripoli on Tuesday early morning 17th january 2012.

They came from Malta where you have been waiting a few days to start operations to secretly invade and settle at "important" locations and fight against opposing Libyans. They install mobile camps around the refineries and libyan oil outlets.
In order to have complete control over refineries and oil sources, then have brought their own foreign technicians. 

So the US and other foreign Corporations can plunder the oil of the Libyan People without being accountable to their owners or anything impacting them .
It is another assault and armed robbery of the Libyans while the international media and Western hide these further Crimes or being silent to support. 
...for getting a piece of the stolen pie !

Approximately 3/4 of the libyan people do NOT support the NATO-Puppet NTC !

SOURCE: TeleSur News
Read also:

News about Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi [crossfire of information]

Update 23.01.2012.
Who are ICC judges - you can se here or here or here or here orhere maybe here etc... Who give right to them to be judges?
But in Libya who will be judge?

" THE HAGUE/TRIPOLI: The International Criminal Court said on Monday it has not decided whether Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the overthrown Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, should be tried in Libya, contradicting earlier comments by a Libyan minister.
Libya and the international war crimes court appear to be at loggerheads over where Saif al-Islam's trial should take place.
Depending on the outcome, Gadhafi's most prominent son could either face the death penalty in his home country [?] , or the prospect of awaiting trial in a comfortable detention center known as "The Hague Hilton"[?] in the Netherlands, with no risk of capital punishment.[Yes ... Like every prisoner almost all are dead or seriosly sick:


    The Libyan National Transition Council (NTC) met this morning in an undisclosed location to adopt the electoral law that will govern the election of a constituent assembly in June, after the devastation of its headquarters in Benghazi (east), it was learned from the CNT. 

"We have not finished our work yesterday (Saturday). A meeting is scheduled today to discuss and adopt the electoral law," a member of the NTC in charge of legal affairs told AFP's Salwa al-Digheili.

Jan 22, 2012

Libyan baby girl died in Greek Hospital

Athens, Greece
A little girl from Libya, who was hospitalized at Children's Hospital "St. Sophia" with extensive damage to the lungs because of contamination with the virus A (H1N1),died .
The infant, who was just 7 month old, had come to Greece with severe symptoms. She was initially hospitalized in Libya, where doctors failed to diagnose that she was infected with virus A (H1N1) that resulted in her taking the wrong medication.

In "St. Sofia" Hospital, she was hospitalized intubated in the Intensive Care Unit, but doctors had detected serious damage to her lungs, which made them pessimistic about its progress. So in spite of mechanical respiratory support and medication given to her, 20. Jan. 2012 at 10.30 in the morning Ben Hussein Mohammad Kantigia died due to irreversible lung problem.

Source: http://presscopy.blogspot.com/2012/01/blog-post_8229.html

Jan 21, 2012

And urgent exclusive: conflicting reports about the resignation of Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Translate by Libya S.O.S.
Bomb in Benghazi 21.01.2012.
Web site (Revolution of Libya) has information that Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Chairman of the Transitional National Assembly told some of those close to him and some members of the Council, that he is going to announce resignation from his post in protest against what took place at the headquarters of the Council earlier on Saturday, an attempt to storm in and an attack with grenades .

An official of the Council told the site (Revolution of Libya) has information that Abdul Jalil is seriously considering retirement after what he described as an unfortunate event, that these developments are
an indication of rejection of the Council and its low popularity in the street in Libya. He noted that several Arab and Western countries are currently having high-level contacts with Abdul Jalil and interim Prime Minister, Dr. Abdul Rahim Keeb in order to discourage Abdul Jalil from his resignation at this time.

Violent protests Rock Libyan City of Benghazi [21.01.2012.]

Angry protesters using home-made grenades have forced their way into the offices of Libya's ruling National Transitional Council in the city of Benghazi, setting its front ablaze.
The attack in the eastern city that was the cradle of last year's uprising against Libyan freedom came as up to 2,000 protesters demonstrated outside the NTC office.

Witnesses said criminals aka protesters, armed with stones and iron bars, stormed and ransacked the offices as they occupied them. "The demonstrators attacked the building and turned NTC offices upside down," an NTC member said.
Witnesses say a brigade of criminals aka former rebels now secured a passage to allow the NTC head, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, and other council members to leave the building.

A letter from USA to Libyan people and the World by Carin S.

... just know that I am not a historian, just a person wanting to love people and beings. Also, right now it occurred to me that the attackers of Libya (and, I refrain from using names because that could be so many forces-some I don't know of), they attacked the water supply.
This in itself, Colonel Gadaffi's greatest achievement perhaps besides trying to ever better implement, elaborate and refine "direct democracy," it, the water destruction, could mean many things but it may lead to a reversal if his accomplishments. 
I mean, what does it really mean to give ancient water to nourish life today?
Water in Libya (and Africa) means "life, bringer of life."
If you destroy water sources, how much good can you afterwards give to the people?
How much trust can you get doing such a thing?
How much love for humanity can you have if you poison their water with enriched uranium, or other chemicals from bombs?

Sharia Law in Libya

Free Benghazi  today 
Libyan Islamists rally to demand sharia-based law -
* Hundreds of Islamists take to streets in several cities
* Protests offer glance into Libya's political future
* Liberals with mild Islamist views call for civil state
Source: Reuters 
Organised by Islamist political and religious groups, the mostly young and bearded men holding up copies of the Koran demonstrated at squares in the capital Tripoli, the eastern city of Benghazi and in Sabha in the southern desert.
Islamist demonstrators encompassed members of the conservative Muslim Brotherhood and harder-line Salafis, who both back strict versions of Islam, and relative moderates who prefer a civil state simply inspired by sharia.

Jan 20, 2012

Muammar Gaddafi speech 22. February 2011.

"The only thing we can do now is not give up, no surrender, no going back. We will die anyways, whether we like it or not. It is clear that they don't care whether we live or not. This is genocide."
Uploaded by SLOBoe on 23 Feb 2011

by TRIPOLI (Agencies)
A defiant Muammar Gaddafi vowed on Tuesday to remain in Libya as head of its revolution, saying he would die as a martyr in the land of his ancestors and fight to the "last drop" of his blood.

SAS in Libya

"When, on 20 October, Gaddafi was finally captured and then killed by NTC men, it followed Nato air strikes on a convoy of vehicles carrying leading members of the former regime as they tried to escape[?] from Sirte early in the morning. Had British soldiers on the ground had a hand in this? Nobody will 
say yet" Mark Urban
It was an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader, planned by the North Atlantic alliance (I)  - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/it-was-operation-to-eliminate-libyan.html

BBC (19. Jan 2012.)

" British efforts to help topple Colonel Gaddafi were not limited to air strikes. On the ground - and on the quiet - special forces soldiers were blending in with rebel fighters. This is the previously untold account of the crucial part they played.

Jan 19, 2012

Vice President beaten again, after pointing gun at students

Update 19.01.2012.
Testimonies of the students which have been assaulted within the University of Garyounis by Vice President Goukh and his guard. This video was filmed inside the Bureau of Security Investigations in Benghazi .
Tragic and hypocritical - Vice Pres Goukh CRIES after getting beaten by students,cause he pointed gun at them 

19.12.2012. Benghazi, Libya 
by Libya S.O.S.
Vice President and public spokesman of the Libyan NTC, Abdel Hafiz Goukh ( (best friend of John McCain) has been beaten twice in just two days.
He was on official visit this morning to Benghazi's University of Garyounis (Faculty of Science), where student's ceremony was held. Goukh was unsatisfied with some of the participants who attended the ceremony.

The Libyan Civil War: Critical Views: Criminalizing Gaddafi Support

The Libyan Civil War: Critical Views: Criminalizing Gaddafi Support
What was the alleged crime? A serious one - supoporting, being connected to, working for, fighting for ... the national government of his nation. When did the law making that a crime take effect, who signed it, and on what authority?

Jan 18, 2012



On the 20th of October 2011, in a convoy of cars which was struck by NATO bombs near Sirte, many people died.

Libyan rebels threaten a new government

Abdel Hafiz Goukh and U.S. Sen. John McCain

According to Libyan media sources, there was an attack on the Vice President and public spokesman of the Libyan NTC, Abdel Hafiz Goukh. He was attacked in Benghazi, when armed man seized his luxury car. According to same sources, just before the attack, Goukh was seen leaving a well known restaurant in Benghazi. Armed men followed him, repeatedly beaten him, leaving him lying in a pool of blood, before they seized the NTC Vice President's luxury car, model "Lexus" and fled towards an unknown destination.


Under the pretext of protecting the oil fields, hundreds of American soldiers are disembarking on the shores of Libya. Libyan FM reported this morning that 6.000 US troops landed at Mitiga base as well. One hour after that, we were informed that most of the US troops were already setting up mobile camps and equipment around oil fields and rafineries.
by Libya S.O.S
U.S. forces were concentrated in the Malta. Today they reached the beaches of Ras Lanuf, Sirte and other oil ports under the pretext of protecting the oil fields and ports from 'illegal exports by Libyan armed gangs'.


Lesson No 1 : "How to urinating on dead native people."
 by Libya S.O.S.
Libyan [Illegal] Defense Minister : "We received an offer from US, to train Libyan desert troops, we need that cause we must be prepared for emergency situations"

Jan 17, 2012

Documentary: Libya, Moammar Al Gaddafi and NATO war 2011

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [17.01.2012.]

(1) Gangs from Gharyan have been found to be abusing detainees from Asabah, bodies of captives and prisoners found beating and torture as common pratice by militia from Gharyan, more than five people died in captivity after being beaten to death by NATO militias and mercenary from Gharyan.

Jan 16, 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr. " A time comes when silence is betrayal." (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968)

Martin Luther King, Jr.   (January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a principal leader of the non-violent Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. He not only began the Civil Rights Movement with the Montgomery Bus Boycott, he himself became an icon for the entire movement.
At the age of thirty-five, Martin Luther King, Jr., was the youngest man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize (1964).

U.S. military confirms authenticity of Wikileaks video showing of Iraq killings

Bradley Manning will spend the rest of his life in a Military Prison for releasing the following tape to WikiLeaks. The soldiers in this video were cleared of any charges of wrongdoing. How does that make you feel? [Exposing The Truth ]

Where are the internet "freedom fighters" ?

Is it really surprising that the tide of blog posts, comments and texts dedicated to the Libyan "revolution" that flooded alternative media outlets (in full compliance with the dominant line of mainstream media, if we may add) for as long as hostilities lasted, almost completely disappeared after the success of the NATO operation and the influx of the “thuwar”  (fighters) from Zintan and Mizrata into the capital Tripoli and Bani Walid?

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [15.01.2012.]

(1) Daily marches and revolt against NATO rebels continue in the city of Tarhouna Libya, schools and universities refused to sing NATO mercenaries anthem, and vowed to defend the honor of Moammar Al Gadhaffi by chanting Allah, Moammar and Libya that is it and no one else.

(2) Rebels are still making false accusation, lies due to lack of basic services of water, electricity and fuel, all attributed to their failure in shortage of water, they said Gadhaffi brigades are responsible for all shortages of water.
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